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Welcome to Khedutsathi


Your online marketplace, Khedutshathi, is committed to bringing discerning buyers and sellers in the agriculture sector together. Our easy-to-use website offers a venue for farmers, producers, and agricultural enthusiasts to promote and market their top-notch goods.

Khedutshathi invites you to easily promote and sell your agricultural commodities, regardless of how big or little your operation is. Our platform supports a broad range of agricultural items, from fresh food to farm machinery. Join us to increase your agricultural sales, reach a larger audience, and access a huge network of customers. With Khedutshathi, you can now empower your agricultural adventure.


What We Provide?




Our performance

Your Partner for Agriculture solution


For all-encompassing agriculture solutions, Khedutshathi is your dependable partner. We provide a hub for bringing together farmers, suppliers, and hobbyists. We offer the tools and resources to help you be more successful in agriculture, from premium goods to professional advice. We're here to help you with every step of your farming experience, whether you need seeds, tools, or insightful advice. Count on Khedutshathi to be your devoted ally as you work to achieve agricultural excellence and wealth. We grow a more promising future for agriculture together.

Who we are 


Khedutsathi is your ally in agriculture, bringing together farmers and suppliers on a flexible platform. We promote development and prosperity in the agricultural sector by providing high-quality products, knowledgeable advice, and amazing bargains.

Our history


Khedutsathi, which was established in the year 2023, has developed into a top agricultural platform. Through innovation and commitment, we have developed from small beginnings into a dependable resource for farmers and suppliers, providing high-quality products and encouraging agricultural success.

Our mission


By offering a vibrant market where farmers and suppliers may prosper, Khedutsathi's purpose is to empower agriculture. In order to promote long-term development and prosperity in the agriculture sector, we strive to improve availability, affordability, and information exchange.