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System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

  • 7-8 kg/ha for transplanting single seedling per hill.
  • 12-15 kg/ha for transplanting two seedlings per hill wherever difficulty in establishment of rice is seen.
  • 15 days old seedlings are transplanted with 1-2 seedlings per hill.
  • Transplant within 30 minutes of pulling out of seedlings.

A commonly practiced methods are
  • Using  rope with marking
  • Using aluminium pipes with markings.
  • Using bamboo plank with pegs as markings
  • Using wooden marker
  • Using roller markers
  • Fill up the gaps between 7th and 10th DAT.
  • There may be difficulty in crop establishment in areas with heavy downpour (North East Monsoon periods of Tamil Nadu).

Transplanting :
     Transplanting consists of preparing seedlings in nursery and then planting these seedlings in the prepared main field. Transplanting ensures a uniform plant stand and gives the rice crop a head start over emerging weeds.