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How A Farmer From Nashik Grew 195 Quintal Onion

Modern farming methods have often proven effective and have delivered outstanding results. A farmer from Nashik, stands testimony to the wonders modern farming techniques can do. Here’s how Mr. Balu Darade grew a whopping 195 quintal onion –

NABARD’s golden initiative

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) initiated a noble program where it trained the farmers for modern farming techniques. Mr. Balu Darade participated in this program as he wished to yield more than 100 quintal, his average produce.

Goodbye to traditional techniques

The traditional method of sowing on flat beds was replaced by raised beds. Following are the advantages of raised bed sowing –

  • Water can be supplied through drip irrigation
  • The temperature can be maintained in raised bed sowing
  • Spacing can be easily maintained
  • Drip irrigation

Raised bed sowing allowed the water to be supplied through drip irrigation, a method which has its own advantages –

  • Drip irrigation reduces water wastage
  • Evaporation is minimal and the consumption is lowered
  • Fertilisers can be used via the dripping system
  • The land between the plant rows remain dry and unwanted plant growth is prevented

Apart from the good yield, the new techniques helped him save labour cost for irrigation, fertiliser application and removal of weeds. And guess what, he saved around Rs. 6,000 per acre.

If you too want to learn about modern farming techniques and get valuable tips, visit https://mahadhan.co.in/crop-portfolio/onion-farming/