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Only a single problem worldwide Problems this, problems that; their problems are too big, this will cause problems, I can’t handle my problems, we must fix our problems first, let me know if you have any problems etc., etc. – meaningless statements! I repeat, I say all these are meaningless statements! Disasters, penury, adversities, unemployment, death, crime, maladies, depression, politics, and ignorance – these are things which afflict the human race severely. They have been part of living since the origin of evil. Nonetheless, not even one of them can be categorised as a problem. You believe this is a crazy talk? Have you ever heard a crazy talk of this kind? Well, you will comprehend what you have not realised, since you were born. Virtually every human being believes that a problem is something which is so-called difficult to understand or to deal with. Such is an atrocious belief triggering a weighty load of nonsense all around the world, it must be quitted. All these things the world regards as problems are not problems at all. ‘Problems’ is a meaningless word; problems do not exist, they never did, only a problem.